Patricie tickling licking forced orgasm, feet, armpits, and tits worshipped, by lesbian blonde Edita

Here is an attractive woman, completely tied, with the arms spread, and the legs spread. She is almost naked, wearing only a pair of high heel shoes… and a powerful magic wand vibrator attached to her left leg, with the vibrating ball touching directly her clitoris. Her name is Patricie, and she is an extremely excited lesbian.

Suddenly, her girlfriend appears, a beautiful blonde girl called Edita, also completely naked, and with the kinky desire of fulfilling the naughty lesbian dreams of her girlfriend.

She turns on the vibrator, and the sexual stimulation begins. Immediately she goes to her feet, and takes off one shoe. She licks the ticklish bare foot, and tickles it intensely.

Then she goes to the upper side of the body, she licks her nipples… she sucks her tits! She is making love to her breasts… and at the same time, she tickles her armpits! What a delicious mix of sensations: boobs licked, armpits tickled, clit vibrated….

She then goes to the other foot, and takes off the last shoe. She touches it with her tit, and proceeds to tickle it. And the tickling orgasm happens… multiple times…

After all the orgasms, she turns off the vibrator, although Patricie is still squirming and moaning for the orgasmic tickling pleasure.

tied before tickling, with high heels shoes

recently bared foot


hard tickle

intense ticklish foot

touching the heel of the foot

touching foot

licking tickling foot, lickle tickle

sharp tickle

ankle tickle

tickling heel of right foot sole, under the toes

tickling right foot


licking ticklish nipples

blowing boobs

tits sucked

nipples licked, armpits tickled

ticklish armpits touched

lick breasts

boobs squeeze

arms tickle

licking tits

boobs kissed licked, armpits tickled

armpits being tickled intensely, while kissing nipple

armpit tickling, one shoe on, only one bare foot

ribs tickled

armpits and ribs tickling

caressing breasts

stroking chest

taking off high heel shoe

touching foot with tit

kissing toes of ticklish foot

fair skin, naked, spread legs, spread arms, barefoot, tied, magic wand vibrator, forced orgasm

kissing toes, sucking toes, fingering foot sole

vibrator on clitoris close up

orgasm expression

bare foot sole stroked

foot sole caressed

ticklish soles vibrator

feet soles tickling

both feet tickled

foot fetish orgasm

foot tickled while stimulated sexually

moaning for orgasm and tickle

tickling both feet

ankle tickle


turning off the vibrator

face expression, resting,a fter tickling orgasm session

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